Things You Need To Consider If You Need a Lawyer or Not

Things You Need To Consider If You Need a Lawyer or Not

It Is a Serious Thing and You Need One

If you have a serious case, a wise move is to hire a professional and trusted lawyer that will represent you in the court. It will be more complicated if you do not talk it with someone who is an expert about the laws. If you have a defender with you, you can discuss the strategies for your case, such as, where to file your lawsuit, file a response, ask for a jury, and many other things that will eventually come up during your case.

Some people need lawyers because they want a confidential lawyer-client relationship, and worried that the other party will not play fair. Others are too close emotionally to their cases and have a hard time seeing some things objectively, that’s why they hire an attorney for themselves.

You Can Handle It and You May Not Need Someone

Representing yourself in the court may be appealing to you, and it can be an advantage for you if your case is straightforward, simple and there is no opposing side, such as, the petition to change your name, or an agreement on everything like the adoption of a child where everyone agrees. The need of a lawyer may also set aside if you understand and know all the options and can make informed choices, willing to learn the law, and the rules and procedures about your case.

If you also know how to spend time with your case and follow certain instructions and can work on your own, then probably you really don’t need one.

When Representing Yourself

When you already decided to not hire a lawyer, make sure that you are prepared and have the knowledge to represent yourself in court. You can read about the law that applies to your case and do some research at your local public library and ask help or a legal consultation with a lawyer in your area. You can also look for some options without the idea of going to the court. You can try the Alternative Dispute Resolution like arbitration or mediation. Make sure you follow all the court procedures and show respect to the court clerks, the judge, and other people in the courtroom.

The Risks of Not Having a Defender

The biggest risk of not having a lawyer to represent you is that you may lose your case. If you are unable to follow all the needed procedures to bring your own case to trial, so your case will just be dismissed. Next is, if you cannot meet all the technical requirements that will prove your case. If you lose your case, then the judge will decide and ask you to pay for the other party or side’s all court costs and even attorney’s fees, which can be a big amount of money.

The cost of suing someone may cost more than the amount sued for. After losing and ordered to pay for the costs, you will then get a judgment entered against you. This only means that instead of winning some sort of relief or money, you now owe the other party some money.

The Decision To Hire or Not

If you are still in doubt and still can’t decide whether you want a lawyer, or rather represent yourself alone, you really need to consider what kind of case do you have, because it really depends on the case. If you think you can handle it, then go. But, know all the risks provided to you. If you think you can win the case with a lawyer with you then try it. After all, the bottom line here is, you want to win your case, whether you hire or not.

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