Notorious Cold Cases Throughout The History

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There are numerous number of gruesome crimes that happen everyday in all parts of the world. People are aware of it. They get shock and horrified. But with its outgrowing occurrence in our society, people tend to forget. They move on but they get more careful with the impending dangers hovering around them. But as you try to be more cautious, there are still remnants. Remnants in the past which will forever etch a gruesome mark to your mind.

As you get to know your rights in the area of criminal defense, you need to find out that there are cold crime cases which history will never forget. Cases that horrified and sent chills in everyone’s spine because of the manner of brutality it inflicted upon its victims. Here are some famous cold cases which brought horror throughout the century.

Notorious cold cases

1. The Zodiac Killer

This case remains unsolved up to now. The Zodiac Killer, as what the murderer called himself, killed about 37 people in his personal tally. His victims were stabbed, bludgeoned and shot to death. The series of killings happened way back from the 1960s up to the 1970s. What made him cold and distinct among other cases is that he has psycho ways and mind boggling tactics in luring the authorities from finding him.

On his first few kills, he made public threats by sending letters on a local newspaper. He taunted the authorities to go find him because he had plans in blowing up a school bus. Aside from the threats, he also delivered a bloodstained shirt of a man he killed. Along with the package that he sent to the police, he also named himself Zodiac.

2. The Torso Killer

A dozen of limbless torsos were found during the 1930s in Cleveland,Ohio. Despite the efforts, the case remains unsolved with the torso killer on the loose. The first two murders happened in September of 1935, with two headless torsos found by the police. It was horridly mutilated and bludgeoned with brutality. For the next two years, the torso murders continued and horrified many people.

What’s common with the murder is that all the victims were all from Kingsbury’s Run. There was a man suspected of the famous torso crime, but he was confirmed not to be one because of the inaccuracies he laid out during the interrogation.

3. Lizzie Borden

This case became a great interest during the late 1800s. The brutal murder of Abby and Andrew Borden was all pointed out to their teenage daughter named Lizzie. With about 20 hacks inflicted upon Abby and several whacks on Andrew’s face, surely you will think about how could a church going young girl could ever murder her stepmother and her own father.

She was arrested and put into trial but was acquitted later on when she was void of valid evidences pointing to her alleged murders. Though this cold case happened about a century ago, it left people thinking if that young girl is really innocent and holds no part with the gruesome crime. In fact, there is a nursery rhyme relating to that bloody murder which happened decades and decades ago. The song would say:

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks
And when she saw what she had done
Gave her father forty-one

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